The Edge

The demolition of the old swimming pool has cleared space for The Edge. With its 540-seat theatre, music rooms, drama and dance studios, art rooms and classrooms, it becomes the cultural centre of the school and a focal point around which there is continuous activity.

At The Edge, individual music lessons in piano, violin, saxophone, trumpet, flute, drums, marimbas and voice, take place. The Senior School choir, the traditional choir, chamber choir, rock bands, jazz band and orchestra, and the Junior School choirs, orchestra and marimba bands, practise and perform in The Edge. The PTA committee donates 30 iPads to the Music department.

Both schools perform their plays in The Edge, while annual cultural events include the Singing Sistas festival, the inter-schools’ Battle of the Bands, the On the Edge Festival where the St Mary’s girls display their various talents, and a host of other performances. It is used to host the International Reggio Conference, and has been used for concerts organised by Richard Cock during the annual Mozart Festival in Johannesburg.

The school has educated girls who are prodigiously talented actors, artists, ballerinas, dancers and musicians. Two new clubs to emerge as a result of all the activity at The Edge are the tech club and the cropping board. Members of the tech club help with sound, lighting and backstage, and have a valuable role to play in all productions in The Edge, while members of the cropping board meet to learn about film and create short clips to market school events.

Upstairs in the edge

Upstairs in The Edge

The official opening of the edge

Art room in The Edge

The edge on a snowy day in 2012

Dance studio in The Edge

The edge lit up

The Edge lit up

The close and pool shortly before the edge is built

The Close and pool shortly before The Edge is built

Perfect acoustics in the edge

Perfect acoustics in The Edge

One of the many events in the edge

Inside the 540-seat theatre

No 6 the edge 38373

Outside view of The Edge

Opening of the edge

Opening of The Edge

The edge 2010 105

Senior School girls celebrate the opening of The Edge