1968 - 1977

A sung Eucharist and a cake with the school’s crest mark the school’s 80th birthday.


The two hard and dusty hockey fields are grassed for the first time, thanks to money raised by the parents who run the tuck shop, and the Parent Teachers’ Association.

The school awards the first two white honours blazers for sporting excellence.


Miss Pitt becomes, and remains the headmistress until 1988, the year of the school’s centenary. Over these 15 years she makes many changes, doing away with the prefect system and introducing an SRC.

Mrs Pitt and the Board are in agreement on the most important of all issues, the government’s racial policies: even if the school is threatened with closure, they will defy them.


Drama is now a matriculation subject and Mrs Pitt appoints a Drama teacher.

Mrs Pitt introduces isiZulu as a school subject and appoints a black Zulu teacher, despite government regulations.

Decade 9

The school introduces isiZulu and appoints its first black teacher