Welcome to St Mary’s School, Waverley

Since 1888 St Mary’s School, Waverley, Johannesburg’s oldest school, has shaped generations of young women.

Deanne King

Founded by the Anglican Church to educate girls in what was then a dusty, wild gold-rush settlement, St Mary’s has grown into one of South Africa’s leading schools, providing our pupils with schooling that is dynamic and relevant to our current context, and which embraces international educational trends.

St Mary’s provides its diversity of pupils with the resources they need to develop into grounded, young adults who have a strong sense of self and their place in the world. Our academic, cultural and sporting record is exceptional, and our alumni include women who have made – and continue to make – indelible marks on the sciences, the arts, business, politics, media and sport, among other arenas.

We promote excellence in everything we do, and we encourage our pupils to experience every opportunity we can offer them to further develop and celebrate their talents.

Our Anglican faith remains the foundation upon which our community rests, inculcating strong values on which to form young people. Our well-developed pastoral care system supports the pupils, and our wider community. We also teach our pupils to look beyond themselves, and encourage them to participate in our community programmes.

Our staff (some of them former St Mary’s pupils) comprise highly experienced, superb educators who not only teach but inspire in myriad ways.

We hope that you, too, will be inspired by our school and that your daughter will find a home at St Mary’s – one in which she will be nurtured and loved, and given opportunities to discover and develop her best self.

Best wishes

Deanne King
Head of school