At Little Saints, we honour the belief of Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education. Little Saints is a Reggio inspired preschool and our image of the child is that all children are intelligent, competent and resourceful.

Relationships are integral in the learning process. The teacher’s role is that of a listener and researcher, as they provoke occasions of discovery through inspired listening and join the children in their excitement and curiosity in creating, exploring and learning.

The Reggio philosophy promotes a child-centred curriculum, driven by their interests. Long-term projects give children the chance to hypothesise, collaborate, and reflect on their ideas and theories. Documentation is the recording of the children’s learning and can take the form of writing, film, photographs and drawings. The teachers then use documentation as a tool to drive the curriculum forward.

In implementing this wonderful philosophy of education at Little Saints, we strive to attain Malaguzzi’s ideal of "nothing without joy".