1958 - 1967

The school’s new wing gets an upper storey. The Junior School gains a tuck shop, a hall and two new classrooms.


The Sisters announce that they will be leaving. In these 16 years the school’s Christian ethos has been buttressed, the facilities have expanded, the academic standard has steadied and sport is on the rise.


Miss Nancy Wamsley becomes St Mary’s first South African-born headmistress in this, the school’s 75th year. There are now about 550 pupils, up from the 200 when the Sisters took over.

The school has learnt to raise funds and husband its finances over the decades but the expectations of the baby boomer generation are high and their standard of living is on the rise. They are a handful.


The swimmers win the inter-high gala for the first time and school spirit reaches fever pitch.


The school’s new Science laboratory is opened, the culmination of a long-cherished dream.

Decade 8

The school has become a dominant force in sport