1988 - 1997

St Mary’s, Johannesburg’s oldest school, marks its centenary. Mrs Pitt retires, and Mrs Judith Brown becomes headmistress in 1989.


The school recognises rowing as an official sport. The success of the rowers soon becomes legendary and after 1994 they begin to take part, with much success, in world championships.


The Wantage Centre is opened and it is to become an increasingly important resources centre. It is a library and a computer centre and has a lecture theatre.

The number of choirs is increasing and more pupils are showing an interest in playing a musical instrument. The windestra, consisting of flute, clarinet, saxophone, drums, viola and cello, performs both baroque and jazz.


President Nelson Mandela is invited to watch a performance of the musical Sarafina! at the school.


The boarding school is closed. Boarder numbers have dropped and it is no longer a viable option.

Decade 11

In 1988, St Mary’s celebrates its centenary