Mrs Fargher resigns

Mrs Fargher resigns at the end of 2008, having taken St Mary’s into the 21st century with her insistence on reintroducing boarding, the addition of the Desmond Tutu Natural Sciences Block, and the linking of the various areas of the school with attractive paving. The building of an aquatics centre is under way. She has tickled the intellects of the girls through her oratorical skills and electrified many a dormant brain; she has supported all cultural and sporting activities, and sometimes taken part in the activities of the girls. The Old Girls’ Association has been galvanised into action and the decision taken to introduce the Foundation, whose objective is to raise funds for bursaries for girls who could not otherwise afford the fees.

Mrs fargher introduces her successor to st mary Ys

Mrs Fargher introduces her successor to St Mary's

The guard of honour for mrs fargher 2

The guard of honour for Mrs Fargher