Educational Tours and Exchanges

Mrs Fargher was the first headmistress to introduce an exchange between St Mary’s and Auckland House, which is in Shimla, India, and to Fahan School in Tasmania. The number of exchanges to schools continues to grow. Tours have a fairly specific focus: on art or history or drama, the natural sciences, science or sport.

Fahan school hobart

St Mary's girls in their Auckland House uniforms

Auckland house shimla

Auckland House, Shimla

The boarding house at fahan

The boarding house at Fahan School

Fahan school emblem

Fahan School emblem

Frahmlingham college hockey exhange st marys julia fleming can be seen in the middle row left

Framlingham College hockey exchange, with Julia Fleming in the middle row, left

Framlingham college

Framlingham college

Hockey tour the touring team vs mijdrecht

The St Mary’s touring hockey team with the team from Mijdrecht

Orange river rafting tour

Orange River rafting tour

Relaxing after a busy days shopping in front of the eiffel tower

Relaxing after a busy day's shopping in front of the Eiffel Tower

Sherborne college exchange 2

Sherborne College exchange

Usa water polo tour the st marys girls with the american olympians

St Mary’s girls with American Olympians during the water polo tour to the USA

World challenge expedition to vietnam in august 2015

World challenge expedition to Vietnam in 2015