Some significant shifts

Ms King introduces the Leadership Programme. She believes that we “live in a world of rampant materialism, instant gratification, where the scramble for the top at any cost conflicts with values and morals.” The programme is to encourage and develop social responsibility and personal growth; the girls will decide on their own leadership portfolios and complete activities and tasks of their own choosing. Based on this, they will motivate why they should be elected to a particular leadership position – including that of head girl. Every girl who participates will have the opportunity to be a school leader in her matriculation year.

New clubs focus on issues that are relevant to young people. These include a club called GIRLS (Get Involved, Reaserch and Learn) which meets to discuss topical and personal issues, and a diversity club where girls are able to discuss issues around race, gender and sexual orientation.

There is a seemingly small but significant change when the tutor system is introduced and girls meet in small house groups in the morning. Out of this come more house-centred activities and the old inter-house competitions are extended.

A shift in the school’s curriculum comes with the appointment of two deputy heads, one to focus on academic management and the other to focus on innovation. An e4 programme is introduced to promote greater use of all the media and encourage innovative thinking and research. Girls use iPads to write their e4 exams in 2015.

A staff wellness day is introduced. On this day, teachers can sign up for a number of options that will promote their well-being; they may be able to consult a chiropractor, get nutritional advice, even enjoy a massage - all on the school campus.

E4 classroom
Writing an e4 exam using ipads

Writing an e4 examination, using iPads

Girls on the leadership programme 2016

Girls on the leadership programme (2016)

Girls on the leadship programme 2017

Girls on the leadship programme (2017)

Tokyo sexwale addressing the girls committee

Tokyo Sexwale addresses the GIRLS committee

A junior school girl celebrating her culture on heritage day

A Junior School girl celebrates her culture on heritage day

Heritage day assembly

Heritage Day assembly

Senior school girls celebrating our diverse community

Senior School girls celebrate our diverse community