Boarding numbers on the rise

The popularity of boarding sees the consistent expansion of boarding facilities. In 2011, the original staff residence is upgraded and renamed Diemont House. Finally, the school purchases a beautiful and spacious home that borders the school, with a swimming pool and tennis court, from Mr and Mrs Roy Wiggill, whose daughters are Old Girls. Woodwinds, as it is called, opens in 2016 to 12 boarders.

On the main campus, major renovations are undertaken on the dining room and kitchen, which the boarders use.

Boarders enjoying their pool

Boarders enjoying their pool

Bedroom in diemont house

Bedroom in Diemont House

Athol house renamed diemont house in 2013

Burn House, left, and Mitchell House, right

Woodwinds on the left and mitchell house on the right

Inside Mitchell House with Burn House beyond

Woodwinds Y the latest boarding house

Woodwinds - the latest boarding house

The renovated dining room

The renovated dining room

The old staff house converted into diemont house

Relaxing in the gardens with Mackenzie House in the background

Kerry wiggill the airdale is an honorary pupil at the school in the 1980s

Kerry Wiggill, the airdale, an honorary St Mary’s girl in the 1980s

Inside one of the boarding houses

Inside Burn House

Diemont house

Diemont House

Boarding sisterhood

Boarding sisterhood

Social time in mackenzie house

Social time in Mackenzie House

Swimming pool in from of mitchell house
Swimming pool in from of mitchell house

Some down time beside the pool at Mitchell House

Woodwinds house lounge

Girls read in the lounge of Woodwinds House

Work station with computers in a boarding house

Work station, with computers, in a boarding house