The aquatics centre

The aquatics centre is opened in 2009. It has an Olympic-size pool, changing rooms, and seating for spectators. Ms King writes: “It was a privilege to be involved in the opening of the aquatics centre in my first weeks at St Mary’s. This superb facility was the realisation of a bold dream and years of planning and endeavour led by Meg Fargher. “True to St Mary’s tradition, we acknowledged the past with a ‘jump in’, in much the same way as those who celebrated the opening of the pool in 1953.”

Guests of honour at the opening ceremony are Mrs Fargher, and two swimming greats: Natalie du Toit, (not an Old Girl), and Old Girl Lize-Mari Retief, who swims for South Africa in the 2008 Olympic Games.

Some years down the line structural problems surface, and it has to be gutted and rebuilt. It is not until 2014 that the pool can be used once again by the divers and swimmers and for water polo. Despite the handicap, the swimmers retain their enthusiasm (and their position at inter-high) and cope with early morning practices in the pool on the Wits Education campus.

Aquatic opening

Aquatic centre opening

The Yjump in Y

The "jump in"

The new aquatics centre

The new olympic-size pool

The water polo players

The water polo players


Training in the pool

Diving on a sultry afternoon

Diving on a sultry afternoon

Gala in the new pool

Gala in the new pool

Sm waterpolo 2017 2009


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Natalie du Toit, Mrs Hugo, Ms King and Lize-Mari Retief