Old Girls’ Association

The Old Girls’ Association has developed a vision of its role over the last decades. In the 1930s, Old Girls kept in touch with each other mainly to share news of their travels, academic achievements, engagements, marriages and the births of their children.

Mrs Fargher injects it with new life and under Ms King it continues to extend its network, undertaking roadshows to Cape Town, Durban, Stellenbosch and Knysna; in 2018 Ms King hosts a cocktail party in London. Through various functions at school, the Association encourages loyalty and commitment to the school and engagement in its projects.

One popular event favoured by the Old Girls’ Association is the St Mary's Investec Hockey Festival. Another is Old Girls’ Day, which brings together many generations of Old Girls and some teachers, past and present. Always surrounded by Old Girls at these functions is Wendy Nathan, former deputy head and sports’ teacher and known for her devotion to the school. Her wit and witticisms are legendary. There are networking evenings and annual gatherings of Old Girls who have elected to send their daughters to the school.


Old Girls with their "old" head of school at one of the annual roadshows

Taken from the 1975 school magazine

A page from the 1985 school magazine

Old girls news in the 1935 school magazine

Old Girls' news in the 1935 school magazine

New of old girls 1946 magazine

1946 school magazine

St marys old girls association 1956

St Mary's Old Girls' Association - 1956

Class of 1965 getting together at old girls day

Class of 1965 gather on Old Girls’ Day

2017 alumni cape town group

2017 alumni – Cape Town

2018 smogs london group

2018 alumni – London

Annually the old girls get together to support the st marys hockey team at the st marys investec hockey festival

Old Girls at the St Mary's Investec Hockey Festival

Old girls reunion knysna

Old Girls' Reunion - Knysna

Celebrating old girls daykoo montgomery braatvedt 1980 with wendy nathan an honoury old girl and much loved staff member

Koo Montgomery (Braatvedt 1980) with Wendy Nathan on Old Girls’ Day

Old girl fiona ramsay addressing fellow alumni at an old girls networking evening

Old Girl and well-known actress, Fiona Ramsay, at an Old Girls’ networking evening

Old girls get together in durban

Old Girls’ gathering in Durban

Old girls with their matriculating daughters who attend st marys

Old Girls with their soon-to-be Old Girl daughters

Once a year old girls who have chosen to send their daughters to st marys get together for a celebratory breakfast

A celebratory breakfast of Old Girls who have daughters at the school

Students from stellenbosch university meeting up with deanne king and ros howell

Students from Stellenbosch University meet up with Deanne King and Ros Howell

Taken from the 1975 school magazine

News of Old Girls – 1975 school magazine

The class of 1987 celebrating 30 years since matriculating at old girls day

The class of 1987 on Old Girls’ Day – 30 years after matriculating