Senior and Junior school headmistress

Mrs Brown resigns after 11 years as headmistress. As she says, “we have been privileged to witness the miracle of South Africa’s democratic elections and the founding of our present rainbow nation. St Mary’s has always risen to the challenge of change and must continue to do so, whilst preserving essential truths and values from the past.

“More than ever before the focus of the nation is on quality education for all. Vital to educational progress are centres of excellence, such as St Mary’s, where innovative teaching methods are developed and shared, and sound values are perpetuated.”

Mrs Brown is succeeded by Mrs Meg Fargher in 2000, who has been HoD of English at Roedean.

In the Junior School, Mrs Alison Hallatt assumes the headship in 1998. She takes the school forward in a new direction, initiating the Karen Reid Child Occupational Support Centre and employing occupational and speech therapists, led by an educational psychologist, to help children who need occupational, language or speech therapy, remedial teaching or psychotherapy. She opens a nursery section in the Pre-Primary school in 1999.

Mrs Tessa Browne becomes head of the nursery section; there are 25 girls and boys between three and five years old. A year later they move out of the house they have been using – which is converted into SMOGS Cottage – and into the house occupied by the former headmistress, Mrs Brown. They are soon named “Little Saints”.

Mrs Hallatt is followed by Mrs Cathy Fry and then Mrs Des Hugo.

Mrs hallatt and children at little saints

Mrs Hallatt and children at Little Saints

Portrait of mrs fry

Portrait of Mrs Fry

Mrs hugo at her installation

Mrs Hugo at her installation

Mrs hallett follows mrs rossouw

Mrs Hallett

Mrs hallatt at a patronal festival

Mrs Hallatt at a Patronal Festival

Mrs fry the new headmistress

Mrs Fry, the new Junior School headmistress

Mrs fargher takes over in the new millennium

Mrs Fargher takes over in the new millennium

Mrs fargher at her installation

Mrs Fargher at her installation

Mrs fargher at her installation

Mrs Fargher at her installation

Farewell to mrs brown

Kate Crawford and Kate Turkington wish Mrs Brown farewell

Des hugo

Mrs Hugo

New premises for little saints

New premises for Little Saints

Mrs browne with little saints pupils

Mrs Browne with Little Saints pupils