A new chapel

The chapel, built in the heart of the school, becomes a place of peace and quiet - a retreat. A chapel choir, sacristans, the smell of incense, white communion dresses and midnight mass at Christmas, the Madonna and Child draped in purple on Palm Sunday, 24 hours of silence and fasting on Good Friday, and the words of Sister Janet to the girls that “if they are true to Him” it “will affect their lives right through” – all this inspires, if not all the girls, then a good number of them, to a passionate commitment to their faith.

Head of cross 1952
Head of cross
New chapel
New chapel
New chapel 2
Inside the new chapel
Dedication ceremony
Dedication ceremony
Cross in garden 1952
Cross in garden
Madonna and child 1952
Madonna and child moulded by Sister Janet
Chapel thro box camera 1956
Chapel through box camera
Cross in chapel 1952
Cross in chapel
Laying the foundation stone of the chapel
Laying the foundation stone of the chapel
Sister janet with gobbo robbie and dominic
Sister Janet with Gobbo, Robbie and Dominic