The role of South Africans in the war

South Africans play an important role in the second battle of El Alamein in late 1942 in what turns out to be a turning point for the allies. The allies are now in the ascendancy in North Africa and the stage is set for the invasion of Europe through Italy.

Nazi Germany is losing on all fronts. The D-Day landings in Normandy and liberation of France, the fall of Fascist Italy, the recapture of Poland and the Battle of the Bulge are all major Allied victories. South African soldiers are in the thick of the fighting in Italy and pilots serve in all theatres of war, most notably in bombing raids in Germany in the famous Warsaw Airlift.

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World War II postcard
South africans in ethiopia 1941
Hobok fort ethiopia captured by south africans 1941
Field marshal smuts inspects south african sailors egypt 1942,_16_May_1942_A9104.jpg
Tobruk 1942,_Bei_Tobruk,_britische_Kriegsgefangene.jpg