Decision to relocate St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls

The Governing Body announces that the school is to move. The decision made, suitable grounds have to be found in a hurry. Anglicans who live in the vicinity of Orange Grove and Highlands North put their weight behind the school’s relocation to their area.

In March, the old school is sold; the Governing Body and Miss Darke see a property whose “attractiveness in its summer beauty decided us that it was just the site that we wanted”. Not long after, things begin to move swiftly.

On 22 June, they are assured that they have the funds to buy property and to build. On 23 June, they buy the site – 14 acres of the farm Syferfontein, in Waverley. On 25 June, they start working in the garden. On 10 July, they take possession of the property. On 15 and 16 July, they move in. On 25 July, the boarders return. At the end of July, six extra acres are purchased for playing fields.

And in September, construction begins on the current St Mary’s School campus.

St mary Ys college in recent times
St Mary's College in recent times
Orange groove around 1910
Orange Grove