Message from the Chaplain: 6 October 2023

The role of a sacristan is of profound significance. It entails the meticulous preparation of the chapel, ensuring that every detail is in place for worship and nurturing the sacred atmosphere that offers solace to many people. My time as a sacristan has forged memories that are precious and irreplaceable. Those moments of serenity and reflection, as well as the shared sense of purpose during religious ceremonies, have left an indelible mark on my heart.

My contribution has transcended mere physical tasks; it has been a spiritual offering, a heartfelt gesture of love and devotion to my faith. I hope that my service has touched the lives of those who sought solace and inspiration within the chapel's sacred walls. Additionally, collaborating with the head of chapel, Luca Botes, and participating in SOCS meetings, have helped students navigate life's challenges, instilled a sense of purpose, community and inner strength.

Participating in this integral part of the school's faith community through chapel services and Eucharists has deepened my appreciation and connection to the St Mary's community. As I step away from this role, I am grateful to have been a part of the legacy of the sacristans who came before me and extend my best wishes to those who will follow in the same path. My time as a sacristan has been a beautiful chapter in my spiritual journey, one that I will always treasure and I will always hold dear the moments when I had the privilege of delivering the SOCS announcements every Friday.


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