Rowing 13 May

Our U16 SASRU development team toured England and competed at three local regattas, namely the Wallingford, Scullery and Bedford regattas.

“We were on tour for six days and it was life-changing. We arrived in Slough and were escorted to the Eton boat-house at Dorney lake where we would be staying for the next week. The Wallingford regatta, on Sunday 1 May, was a very rewarding day with our girls’ coxless quad winning gold, the coxed four coming 2nd and our sculler coming 3rd. The next day was the Scullery regatta which was also a very successful.” Tenjiwe Sithole

“After having a successful and hard weekend of racing we had the privilege of some amazing sightseeing. We took a trip out to Henley and Oxford where we explored the towns and had the unbelievable experience of having a tour of the Leander Boat Club and the Oxford boat house where the blue boats train. We also went to Windsor Castle to watch the changing of the guards as well as walked the very long Queen’s Walk. We then took a trip to Cambridge where we also got a tour of the Cambridge boat house, with fellow South African athlete Paige Badenhorst. Along with all this excitement, we continued training at Dorney Lake to prepare for the Bedford Regatta.”

“Our last regatta of the tour went off with a bang with winning the boys’ coxed four and girls’ eight at the Bedford Knockout Regatta. This was a very special course to race, with a bend and a bridge to contend with, along with racing through the city. On our last day of tour we travelled to London and hopped on a sight-seeing bus. The bus took us to see all the major attractions in London. We had some free time to explore the streets of the busy city before heading to the airport to fly home. What a great ending to our tour! A special thank you goes to our parents, who supported us on this amazing experience, our coaches who managed the day to day and the school for granting us the opportunity to expand our horizons”


The rowing club sends its congratulations to the SASRU team and we hope to see these athletes flourish in the future.


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