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Radio SMS 13 May 1

Agape Mhlanga caught up with SMOG, Phumzile Sitole (class of 2007), after the cultural showcase at the hockey festival. Phumzile is fast establishing herself in Hollywood, featuring in The Good Fight, Orange is the New Black and, most recently, the character, Diatta Ndoye in the 3rd and 4th seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Phumzile reminded us that staying true to yourself is what is going to get you to where you want to be in life and not by trying to fulfill anyone else’s expectations. No doubt everyone who heard her Agape’s interview talk will follow her progress in this dynamic industry. Listen here to Agape’s interview

The radio hosts are slowly establishing themselves as regular features with their shows - Radio Mornings with Emmanuelle Mihigo and SaraMari Grey-Johnson and Unfiltered with Agape Mhlanga and Tisanke-Anna Mwanza. Emmanuelle Mihigo and SaraMari Grey-Johnson are live most mornings at 07h15 sharing the upcoming events, celebrity birthdays and current affairs. They always sign off with an inspirational quote for the day. Agape and Tisa enjoy sharing their thoughts on school, growing up and their passions in life most Fridays at 12h30. Simply click on the link find the schedule.


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