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Relationships and communication

The first module that Dean MacCoubrey presented when speaking to our girls last month was critical thinking. It is important to think about the impact of our girls’ online behaviour on others. They must think about what and where they share online and how this can affect their relationships.

As a family activity, share different scenarios of posting online and discuss both the positive and negative effects of these posts on the parties involved. Sometimes we post, text or comment before really thinking about the consequences. Some example scenarios to share:

If I share a fake news story in an email to older family members

If I share a fake news story in a text to my best friend
If I share a sexy picture of myself on Tik Tok (including Musically)

If I share a negative comment about how someone looks in a text to a friend

If I share a cool video or a piece of art that I made on a chat platform etc.

Talk about how online actions affect others. Discuss the practice of thinking things through before posting online. Discuss the possibility of making changes around posting online.

Linda Bradfield
Ed-Tech Leader

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