Orchestra from Scratch

Orchestra from Scratch2

Instrumentalists from St Mary’s had the privilege to participate in the Orchestra from Scratch event held at the University of the Witwatersrand Education Campus this weekend. It is an annual event organised by the well-known Richard Cock as part of the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival. The event is open to any instrumentalist with a grade three and higher level. They are invited to participate in an orchestra of 150-200 players. Orchestra from Scratch gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the wonder of making music together. Music is sent in advance to all musicians and, after two rehearsals, the orchestra performs for an audience.

The orchestra consisted of a vast number of instrumentalists of whom the youngest was an 11-year-old flute player and the oldest was a 77-year-old cellist. The orchestra performed 12 works and an encore. One of the pieces performed was an extract from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that includes the well-known Ode to Joy. This was an apt ending of the concert as it so accurately expressed the joy of the musicians performing together at this unique event.

Deborah Cronje

Orchestra from Scratch1
Orchestra from Scratch2

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