Form I Picnic in the park

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A 2016 survey, conducted by the South African Book Development Council on the reading behaviour of adult South Africans, revealed that only 14% of the population are active readers. Fifty-eight percent of South Africans live in households with no books. Reading for pleasure is a strong predictor of academic, employment and income success. It promotes better performance in other language studies and Mathematics. Reading also develops empathy and critical thinking skills, a sense of self and a colourful imagination.

This research is a core element of the Form I and Form II reading programme. In addition to exploring a variety of genres and material, students are afforded the opportunity of delving deeper into texts and grappling meaningfully with complex issues. The importance of interrogating texts is stressed as we explore how literature has shaped the world and perceptions around us.

Recently, the Form I girls had an opportunity to browse through the Young Adult titles on offer in the Senior School library in their annual picnic in the park. Mrs Johnstone has been instrumental in creating an outstanding selection of teen fiction titles across a broad range of genres. The girls spent a memorable lesson reclining on the soft grass under the leafy trees while nibbling on picnic treats and succumbing to the magic of reading. The best-dressed picnicker in each class received a book prize and a plush reading blanket.

Best-dressed winners
Form IM: Donna Cloete
Form IA: Marianna Verster
Form IR: Oluchi Manyadu
Form IY: Abigail Rigby

Belinda Williams
Form I Co-ordinator

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