Gauteng Schools’ Rowing Championships

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The St Mary’s rowing club competed and thrived in numerous events at the Gauteng Schools’ Rowing Championships. From our newest members in the U14 age group to our oldest in the U19 age group, our rowers worked tirelessly with our coaches from September camp to achieve their goals for the first half of the 2019/2020 season.

After a weekend of high spirits and incredible racing, our club placed second in the girls’ school category with numerous medals earned throughout each age group. We congratulate our U19 girls for placing third in the pairs event, first in the doubles event, first in the four event and second in the quad event. We also congratulate our U16 girls on placing second and third in the doubles event, third in the quads event and third in the four event. Our U15 girls worked hard and are congratulated for achieving third in the octuple event. Our U14 rowers experienced their first Gauteng Championships with our club and earned third place in the Octuple event. With the determination and positive spirits displayed by our club this weekend, the next half of the 2019/2020 season is sure to be successful.

All the best to the girls as they embark on the boat race training. Let’s keep the legacy afloat!

Claire Mcivor
Form III

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