From the headmistress’s desk: 24 October 2019

Deanne King

During the past week, I have experienced such unexpected joy while witnessing the spirit of children at our school. Given the daily news feed, the heatwave and the drought, one could be forgiven for feeling despondent but, in the presence of youthful energy, talent and exuberance, the harshness of daily reality slips away.

The athletics inter-high is a high-energy sports event, which is not given the attention that its physicality and competition deserve. It is a sheer delight to observe the athleticism of the girls and their ability to strive for faster and higher. The St Mary’s athletes were superb, with their conditioning, fitness and strength clearly evident. They were encouraged by the Form I girls and the spirit squad with a co-ordinated and resounding set of war cries and their enthusiasm. I was impressed by the image of the spirit squad in their red dresses leading the well-rehearsed Form I girls.

To end the week, I attended the Little Saints Sings concert on Saturday. The study of bees and their importance in our eco-system inspired the concert which was a delight of song, activity and aesthetic display. On the same day, our junior debating team proceeded to the finals of the junior debating tournament, winning the Hemlock Cup with flair.

Although the activities described above are not necessarily high profile, they are a true reflection of the spirit and beauty that the children of all ages bring to our St Mary’s School.

Deanne King
Head of school

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