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Every year, the Form I classes are presented with a reading challenge to complete by the end of October. The quest includes reading a poem, short story, a prize-winning young-adult title, a graphic novel, a book recommended by someone else and a magazine. To start the year, we explored a diversity of authors with an emphasis on female stories and previously-marginalised voices. The girls were provided with an ever- growing poetry pack and a Kurt Vonnegut Jnr short story to add a sweet kiss to Valentine’s Day. A library day offered the girls a chance to browse through the teen-fiction prize-winning novels housed in the Wantage centre. The case study on Hergé’s Tintin in the Congo, led to thought-provoking conversations and provided each class with excellent sources for investigating colonialism in graphic novels.

The reading class is divided into premium-economy groups. Once a student has completed the Reading Race, she is upgraded to the comfortable first-class lounge where she may enjoy the lessons ensconced on the sofa with a hot beverage. Well done to all the girls who completed the 2019 challenge. Congratulations are extended to Form IR which had the most students who completed the Reading Race.

Belinda Williams
Form I Co-ordinator

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Girls enjoying the perks of the first-class lounge

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