Grade 7 News

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Views of Grade 7 leaders

Reilly Lord - Swimming C captain

Being a swimming captain is the best experience I could ever ask

for. It is fun spending time with my friends and the younger Grades. Encouraging them to do their best and push themselves as hard as they can brings us to the win every time and it is so rewarding for all of us.

Akabongwe Lubisi - Chapel server

Being a chapel server is amazing! I feel like since I became one, I have grown closer to God and I have started truly understanding verses in the Bible. I love helping out in the chapel and I feel like I made the right choice applying for the role.

Kayla Sears - Little Saints mentor

Being a Little Saints mentor has been really fun for me and I love learning about the little kids and how differently they think from us. I love reading to them, going to break with them and playing with them. I can’t wait to carry on the year with them, being their mentor.

Rea Selele - Hares House captain-

Being a Hares House captain is really the best. I have bonded with the girls and my house moms more than I could have imagined. It’s an incredible experience to help the girls learn new war cries and go over old ones. The other Hares House captains are absolutely fantastic as well. I’m so excited for future inter-house events.

Isabella Crawford Grade 4 mentor

Being a Grade 4 mentor can be fun actually.

Once we make sure the girls have written down homework in their diaries, checked what lessons they have today and packed their bags, then we play games outside with them such as tag or hide and seek and one of the favourites is ‘foursquare”. Overall, being a Grade 4 mentor is rewarding, fun and I can’t wait to get to know the girls better throughout the year.


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