Grade 7 News


Last week, the Grade 7s presented their much-awaited recycled fashion show for the school. The project began with each group choosing a specific historical period and conducting in-depth research into the prevalent fashion trends of that era. The project went beyond a mere examination of style; it extended into the realm of sustainability, providing an engaging and insightful experience for the girls.

The girls eagerly unearthed the fabrics, silhouettes, and accessories that defined the style of their chosen time, gaining some understanding of the cultural influences that shaped fashion through the ages.

The project did not stop at historical exploration and the girls were challenged to analyse the sustainability of fashion practices during their chosen period. They delved into questions of resource use, environmental impact and ethical considerations tied to the fashion industry. This added layer of inquiry prompted critical thinking about how fashion choices in the past might have contributed to, or mitigated, environmental challenges.

Armed with these insights, the girls took on the creative challenge of translating their findings into wearable art. Using recycled materials, they set out to design and construct outfits inspired by their chosen era.

Their research culminated in a fashion show attended by all the children and teachers in the Junior School, from Little Saints to Grade 6.


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