Grade 4 News


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? Well, the Grade 4 girls got to do just that when they visited Holy Family College. They experienced what it was like to be a pupil in the early 1900s and write with an ink pen. Girls were taught to have good manners and to be gracious; part of their training included walking up and down, balancing a book on their head. Thankfully, some reading, writing and arithmetic were taught too!

Girls who misbehaved were sent to the ‘naughty corner’ where they had to wear a dunce’s cap while their classmates were encouraged to insult and make fun of them. I am pleased to say that our girls were complimented on their exemplary manners.

The girls also had fun digging for gold in mining outfits. This was part of an exciting lesson into the history and emergence of Egoli. The grounds are beautifully maintained. Fun fact: the lottery donated money to the school for upkeep as the old infrastructure is very expensive to maintain. The broekie lace on the exterior of the main building was imported from France and the name comes from the resemblance of this adornment to the lace found on women’s underwear (broekies in Afrikaans).


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