Little Saints

St Marys Whole School News 30 March 2021 1 BLM for app and emailing 006

The children have been exploring their identities. During this investigation, the pupils were invited to represent their uniqueness through a variety of different media. These included: through movement of their bodies, through using paint and loose parts in the form of natural objects, through drawing their friend holding something that formed part of their identity and painting on perspex, then printing their image onto paper.

The teachers at Little Saints have been reading and sharing stories that relate to our individuality and identity. Some of these titles are, Skin We Are In by Sindiwe Magona and Nina G Jablonski, The Colours of Us by Karen Katz and Perfectly Different by Sarah Tavola, illustrated by Sinan Hallak. The children mixed paint with play dough to represent the shade of their skin. They added their finer features to their play dough models of themselves using natural objects such as twigs, seeds, leaves and pebbles.


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