From the head’s desk: 12 March 2021

Our school’s gardens show that we are entering the autumnal season, which has coincided with the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted to Level 1. We are slowly and tentatively recovering from the pandemic and its devastating effects, while being mindful that another onslaught or third wave may become a reality. At the same time, we have been piecing together relationships that were strained or fractured last year when racial justice in independent schools was brought into sharp focus. Our relationships in the community should be enhanced by greater empathy and respect as we engage in constructive conversations this year. The school faced a myriad of challenges last year but 2020 also provided opportunity for self-reflection, reimagination and now, with the guidance of Lovelyn Nwadeyi, director at L & N Advisors, we have renewed vision to find ways of being a more equitable and just school environment.

The gentle weather was a perfect setting for the Leaders’ Induction service, which was held in The Close last Friday. Although a quiet and more contemplative service than usual, it officially celebrated the unique leadership that the class of 2021 will bring to St Mary’s School. The autumn afternoons have also provided the setting for intraschool sport.

This has brought a spirit and vibrancy to our campus, which we have not experienced for many months. Slowly, the girls are beginning to enjoy the activities which bring delight and sheer joy to their school days.

The next two weeks hold several opportunities for parents and guardians. Lovelyn Nwadeyi will host a webinar on Tuesday evening (16 March); the HOPE committee will host a virtual panel discussion on mental well-being (24 March); the Foundation and PA are co-hosting coffee mornings for the Forms I and II parents (23–26 March). Details of all these events can be found on the school app.

As we approach Human Rights Day, on 21 March, please join us in encouraging your daughters to contemplate their rights and affirm the democratic values of human dignity, equality, and freedom, as well as acknowledging the responsibilities that come with those rights.


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