Form I Programme


After wholeheartedly embracing the challenge of online exams, the teachers recognised that, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Form Is had little opportunity to embrace, experience or understand what being in Form I at St Mary’s really means. A programme covering some of this unfamiliar terrain was designed by Mrs Northmore and me. Just seeing and being with people in person, as opposed to online, lightened the mood of all. The days brimmed with self-enriching activities: talks from guest speakers specialising in a diverse number of fields, including the challenges of growing up, sobering information about the dangers of social media, as well as being privileged enough to participate in a conversation about modern day women and Women’s Day, feminism and allyship with a panel of SMOGs. We explored the precious, and sometimes humorous history of the school from Ms Howell’s perspective, and participated in lively sporting games and inter-house competitions. We also unexpectedly took knitting to the extreme and we contributed to the ongoing Ecobricks project.

Even though we held this programme for five mornings only, it felt as if it were a month’s worth of activities. The days were highly beneficial and educational in all aspects, from respect and common decency to leadership and kindness. Everybody should have emerged with a little more tolerance, understanding and positivity than before but, if we ever forget, a quick glance at colourful, painted rocks nestled around the school, should remind us.

Mrs Northmore, Ms Quix, Mrs Howell, Miss Div and the other accompanying staff really outdid themselves.


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