Book week

St Marys Whole School News 30 March 2021 1 BLM for app and emailing 007

Beginning on Thursday 18 March, we began to celebrate Book Week in the Junior School. This week has been full of exciting activities related to the library, books and reading! Our opening was a hugely successful story telling evening involving the Grade 7s, Junior Primary and the Little Saints. Even though load shedding threatened to disrupt our evening, the Grade 7s took it in their stride and adapted their performances for the encroaching darkness. The younger girls loved being at school in their pyjamas, and showed off their teddies, onesies and slippers.

On Tuesday 23 March, Grade 0 to 7 took turns to traipse to The Edge for the anticipated Hooked on Books which was a marvellous success. Even with Covid-19 restrictions, the girls enjoyed the actors renditions of Escape!, My Grandpa is a Zombie and Paris Cat to name a few, and the highly-awaited titles were gone from the library in a jiff!

Each grade continued the week by having a special library scavenger hunt, aimed at their age group, and with the hope that they will find a new book they never would have read before.

The week ends off on Wednesday 31 March with the highly anticipated Junior Primary and Little Saints book parade, and the count of the inter-house reading competition points.


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