Grade 5 News

Amy Shannon

In Grade 5, the girls read the story Window by Jeannie Baker. They wrote descriptions of views from different windows in the Junior School. These are some excerpts from the girls’ writing.

A view from the window
Peering out of the window, I notice soft pink flowers laying on the damp grass. I see lime green leaves blowing in the wind high up in the tall trees, shushing and rustling as they sway side to side. There is a netball pole with its wobbly red hoop standing tall next to the rough wooden bench. I can almost hear the girls screaming and shouting with excitement as they try to shoot the ball through the hoop, and their cries of disappointment when they miss.
Emily Holmes

It’s a normal day in the JP playground. The sun is shining and the water is trickling down the rocky stream. You would think that it is a very quiet place, but at break, it comes alive. Girls run and scream and laugh happily. As time passes, the girls start to leave and it becomes quieter and quieter until there is simply a peaceful playground. Botshelo Diseko

Through the Window
Through the window I can see the rough foursquare blocks coloured in salted caramel colours. There are jade colours of grass in the shade and the sunlight. The baby blue sky reminds me of swimming and the brick-red roof makes me feel excited about learning new things. At break, I chase and play with my friends. I feel safe in this area in the day.
Lucy Barrow

Through the Window
Through the window, I see feathery clouds that look like cotton candy. I see gorgeous daisies whiter than snow and leaves that remind me of diamonds. The blue butterfly in the leaves looks like a bow. This scene makes me feel calm and relaxed like I’m in a magical garden.
Nadia Moosa

Linda Smith
Senior Primary Teacher

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