Grade 4 News

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Excerpts from the Grade 4 journal about their outing to Holy Cross College

The teacher shouted, “Feet flat! Back straight! Is that a smile I see? School is no joke!” I was scared to death. But thank goodness that was just acting.

Tadiwanashe Shoko

There was a sundial - it made me think how hard it was to tell the time then.

Sophia Wilkinson

I saw a sign that said “JMJ” which actually made me think a lot. Then I learnt it meant Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Daniella Lotto

On Tuesday, we visited Holy Cross College. We learnt many new things about the history of Gauteng. We experienced what school was like for children a long time ago. At school children were hit with canes as punishment.

Jess Coutts

There had to be a circular road at the front of the school for the horses and carriages because they could not reverse like cars.

Salma Baccus

The school has a garden dedicated to Helen Suzman, a very special woman who fought for human rights.

Boikanyo Kakurupa

Trish Bonorchis

Junior Primary Teacher

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