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Grade 0 2020 visions collage

2020 visions
The Junior Primary girls discussed looking into the future and drew their vision for themselves and St Mary’s for 2020.

Perceptual subitizing
Developmentally, children begin their mathematical journey by recognising patterns within groups of objects; this process is named perceptual subitizing.

Perceptual subitizing refers to the ability to see a group of objects and to know without counting how many objects there are in the group. Dice and dominoes are examples of objects that rely on our ability to use perceptual subitizing.

The Grade 0 girls hid a group of counters behind a small barrier. They then lifted the barrier very quickly and asked their partner how many counters there were, and did she need to count them or did she just know how many were there. They could decide whether to hide the objects in a subitizable or a random group.

Agotha Clarke
Junior Primary Teacher

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