From the head's desk: 13 March 2020

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The admissions department is frequently asked by prospective parents about the essence of our school. What makes St Mary’s unique? There are many facets to a school and the manner in which they are puzzled together creates the experience for each child. Every now and then a window of this experience opens, and I have a view of the essence of our school.

On Thursday last week, the annual girls’ schools’ inter-high galas took place. The Premier gala was followed by the A gala and St Mary’s was represented in both. The Form I and Form III girls supported at the first gala and the Form II girls attended the second gala. This was a logistical project that involved moving significant numbers of girls. St Mary’s placed second in the first gala by two points and won the second gala. Our spirit girls kept the supporters singing, chanting and dancing with vigour, despite the hot sun and uncomfortable seating.

The Forms IV and V girls, apart from the spirit girls, were at school, absorbed in their studies.

The day did not end with the galas. Our choir and jazz band performed that evening in The Edge together with the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy and St Stithians. It was an uplifting evening of music and singing, and an appreciation of the performing arts.

What I witnessed on the day was the girls’ sheer pleasure; their delight in the spirit of support and endeavour.

In the same week, St Mary’s girls also participated in public speaking, debating, play rehearsals, diving, rowing, basketball, tennis and squash.

This is our story at St Mary’s.

Deanne King
Head of School

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