Community Service

Waverley gardens collage

On 4 March, a group of Grade 7 girls went to Waverley Gardens Memory Care Centre. As soon as we arrived, Mishti, Ilana and Emily offered the staff members chocolates from our collection. We followed Mrs Maishman into a small building. Once inside, we met the senior citizen residents in the new, beautifully renovated communal lounge. We handed out chocolates and engaged with the different personalities. I loved the experience of being with the grannies and granddads of Waverley Gardens.

Obianauju Asuzu

On Wednesday 11 March, we went to the Sandton SPCA. We had collected dog and cat food for the visit. When we got there, we were told what they do at their SPCA. We learnt that it is a non-profit organisation, which means that it uses the money it raises entirely for the charity to save and help dogs and cats. We had to follow a few rules, which were for our own safety and for the safety of the animals. e.g. we weren’t allowed into the actual kennels, nor were we allowed to play with or feed the puppies, as they are at risk of getting the Parvo Virus. Before we went into the rows of kennels, we had to dip the soles of our shoes in antiseptic and spray hand sanitizer on our hands. All the girls went to play with the cats, but Kganya and I went straight to the dogs. We went down each row of kennels and gave them biscuits. My two favourite dogs were Bobby, a white and brown male Am staff (American Staffordshire Terrier) and Xena, a brown Staffordshire Terrier (Staffie cross). I think we all had an amazing experience and would enjoy visiting again.

Tatum Spencer
Grade 7

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