From the head’s desk: 15 July 2019

Deanne King

The winter half-term provides a much-needed rest after mid-year examinations and a break in routine during the winter months. The girls returned to school on Monday looking relaxed and refreshed. Our terms have intense weeks and real demands on time but there is always relief with the half-term breaks and our long holidays.

A different pace, routine and focus give us all a time to shift perspective and to see our lives through a different lens. Although routine is vital and healthy for children, so too is its disruption to allow for rejuvenation. Our children stand to benefit from knowing how to balance the demands of study, co-curricular activities, recreation and rest. Knowing this balance and being able to apply it to life is a valuable life skill for our children to master.

The management team and I spend significant time reviewing the yearcalendar and reflecting on what events and scheduling contribute to the best possible experience for the girls. In the coming fortnight, there will be some valuable disruptions in the school routine.

Studium Apertum is a welcome indulgence in the performing arts and intellectual extension for the girls. It is opportunity for curiosity and debate outside of the curriculum. I encourage parents to check the app for the schedule and list of speakers on Saturday. We look forward to parents joining us for the Saturday programme. In the week after, we will shift focus to social responsibility and service to the wider community as we celebrate Mandela Day, and reflect on the difference each one of us can make in our country.

Deanne King
Head of school

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