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On Wednesday 13 November, author Christopher Lloyd did a presentation to the Grade 3, 5, 6 and 7 girls. Christopher is a UK-based author, lecturer and non-fiction storyteller specialising in connecting knowledge using giant narratives and visual timelines. He is a graduate in history from Peterhouse, Cambridge and a former Sunday Times science correspondent.

Christopher’s presentation was based on his book Absolutely Everything!, which the girls and staff enjoyed. He put on his graduation gown which had been “adapted”: there were 15 pockets sewn on to the gown; each pocket had a number and an item in it. Some of the girls were asked to pick out the item. The first one was a glass bottle of tap water. With each item he told the girls a section of history of the Earth. All the items came from London, including a small roll of toilet paper! Sadly, he was unable to complete all 15 chapters in his hour-long presentation. I would like to encourage the girls to Google “Christopher Lloyd – author” to read more about his fascinating family and life. Some of his presentations are available on YouTube.

After thanking him for a fascinating presentation the girls performed their Well Done war cry of thanks. Christopher was totally blown away as he had never experienced this before. He asked the girls to repeat it so that he could
record it for his family.

We were also very gracious hosts and did not mention the 2019 World Cup
Rugby final!

I can understand why he is such a popular lecturer and in demand in schools
and universities throughout the world. We are hoping that he will be visiting
South Africa again in 2021 to launch his latest book.

I thank Jonathan Ball Publishers for giving us this opportunity to host
Christopher Lloyd.

Robynne Dunkley
Deputy Headmistress: Administration and Junior school Librarian

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