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2019 LS eyes 5

The Grade 00 children have been investigating eyes. They have looked at various photographs of eyes and have given their theories on how they think the eye works. Aleeza’s mom, an ophthalmologist came to speak to the children. She discussed how the eye functions and she compared our eyes to those of a camera lens. She spoke about how wearing glasses helps people to see clearly and she discussed the importance of taking care of our eyes by protecting them from the sun by wearing sunglasses.

The children started to wonder about blindness and what it would feel like. They were intrigued to discover that Jo, a St Mary’s girl in Form I who is blind was coming to speak to them. In preparation for Jo’s visit, the children thought of questions they would like to ask her. Jo shared how she views the world with the children and answered all their questions. The children loved meeting Jo, and not only did they learn a lot from her but she left a special mark in their hearts.

The next surprise the children received was a visit from Mel Morrison and her guide dog in training, Murphy. Mel taught the children all about how a dog becomes a guide dog and how to look after them. The children were delighted to have a special dog at school.

Thank you to all those who were involved in our investigation.

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