The house system was introduced in 1934, and it aims to create competition that is healthy and fun, as well as encourage the girls to do their best at all times. There are many house events, both cultural and sporting, as well as service orientated, and the girls are expected to support their houses at these. They attend regular house meetings and wear their house badges with pride.

St Mary’s uses the house system to nurture and care for the girls. Senior School teachers are house mentors, and are responsible for mentoring and caring for 12 to 15 girls in their house. There are two or three girls from each form in each group and they remain in the same group, with the same house mentor, for the duration of their Senior School experience.

The heads of houses are ultimately responsible for all the girls and all activities associated with their houses, assisted by the house tutors who, in turn, are responsible for managing the house mentors.

The houses are named after Anglican Bishops.

  • Clayton – yellow
  • Furse – red
  • Karney – green
  • Phelps – blue