The school has awards to recognise excellence and to commend girls. Awards are made in accordance with the criteria set down in each discipline.

No half- or full colours will be awarded until Form III. Full colours will be considered only in Form III, and in most instances will be awarded in Forms IV and V.

Awards are given for excellence and commitment to the given discipline and other factors such as:

  • Loyalty
  • Attitude
  • Behaviour
  • Support for the values of the school

Blazer awards are the highest accolades that girls may achieve. Usually, a girl must have full colours in three of the honours blazer disciplines.

  • Academic honours blazer – navy
  • Cultural honours blazer – navy with red braid
  • Service honours blazer – navy with white braid
  • Sports honours blazer – white
  • Leaders blazer – grey with red and white braid, worn by girls in their Form V year upon completion of the St Mary's Leadership Programme in Forms III and IV
  • Victrix Honorum blazer – navy with gold braid – to be awarded a Victrix Honorum blazer, a girl must have an Academic honours blazer in addition to two of the following blazers:
    • Cultural honours blazer
    • Service honours blazer
    • Sports honours blazer
Victrix Honorum Blazer 1278 1915 99

Victrix Honorum blazer

Sports Hounour blazer 4901 7344 99

Sports honours blazer

Leaders blazer 4901 7344 99

Leaders blazer

Cultural Honours blazer 4901 7344 99

Cultural honours blazer

Acedemic Hounours blazer 4901 7344 99

Academic honours blazer

Service Honour blazer 4901 7344 99

Service honours blazer