The hundred languages is a key principle of the Reggio approach. It refers to the vast potential children have and each child’s unique view of the world. Children express themselves in a variety of ways, and at Little Saints we aim to give them as many possible opportunities to express themselves creatively.

The Atelier is one of the spaces where the children come to express themselves. The children are given time to explore and interact with a variety of materials and media. The children’s confidence grows with the familiarity of the materials. They are exposed to clay, chalk, pastels, tempura, watercolour, ink and charcoal, to name a few. Their canvas to work on could be anything from a mirror to cardboard, to fabric.

In the Atelier we also value process art, open-ended activities designed to celebrate the process of creating something and not the final product itself. This is an essential part of fostering a child's creativity, while developing their fine motor skills and executive functioning. Cognitively, children can compare, predict, plan, and problem solve when in the Atelier. While investigating a wide range of materials, tools and techniques, the children learn how to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Music is also one of the 100 languages children express themselves through. All the children have Music lessons during the week. During Music, children learn basic musical theory through movement and experience. They have fun singing, playing Orff instruments and using their bodies to accompany music.

The Little Saints Sings production at the end of the year showcases the children’s musical knowledge and skills. They discover music in the world all around them hidden in seashells, in the rain and the rustling of trees, and contemplate how to construct their own musical instruments and plan their own performances. The overall aim is to give each child a deeper appreciation of the meaning and applications of music.

Grade 00s have the opportunity to further develop their gross motor skills with the support of the Sports department. Fun activities are designed to promote age-appropriate gross motor development. The children hop, jump, run, climb, throw, catch, do wheelbarrow walks, splash in the pool and engage in myriad other exercises.

Throughout the year the children watch a variety of shows, ranging from musical theatre to science experiments and even a fire safety show.

The children have a well-rounded year full of experiences and learning, nurtured by all the wonderful staff at Little Saints.