In the Junior Primary phase (Grades 0 to 3) we encourage the girls to develop independent thinking and to explore their potential through their immersion in a Reggio-inspired, holistic curriculum. Our approach is guided by the school’s values of love, integrity and community.

The core focus of the mathematics curriculum is the development of mathematical language and calculation strategies, number manipulation, interpretation of information and problem solving. Our classrooms are well equipped with an assortment of concrete apparatus and games. In addition, all pupils have access to online enrichment materials and programmes.

Our English curriculum begins with the children’s emergent literacy and scaffolds their exposure to a variety of texts and stories, with an emphasis on phonological and phonemic awareness. Our intention is to equip our girls to become capable readers and writers for the purposes of learning, enjoyment and extension. All pupils have access to online enrichment materials and programmes.

The girls are introduced to our three first additional languages - Afrikaans, isiZulu, and Sesotho - in Grade 0. They will choose two of these languages to study until the end of Grade 7. While there is a written component to the curriculum, the emphasis is on speaking and listening.

Art, Divinity, Information Technology, Library, Music and Physical Education lessons contribute to our balanced and holistic education.

Our academic curriculum is well supported by teachers who offer enrichment programmes, as well as by our school psychologists and onsite specialist therapists.

Our dynamic co-curricular programme of in-house and private activities includes arts and crafts, ball skills, chess, dance, diving, drama, environmental club, equestrian, hockey, music, netball, pottery, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming.

The school hosts guest speakers and theatre companies regularly and also takes the girls on educational outings. Book month includes a book character parade, bookmaking, a storytelling evening and drama productions. All girls are involved in the annual school play and inter-house events.

Supervised prep is offered from Grade 1 until 14h00. We have a private aftercare facility which runs on campus until 17h30

Grade 0

Grade 0 is the start of monastic schooling and the bridging year between the Pre-Primary and the Foundation phases. Its play-based, holistic programme fosters a love of learning in the girls.

We continue to be inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education which views young children as capable individuals who are curious about their world. We expose the girls to a wide variety of educational opportunities designed to encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking and problem-solving.

In addition to Mathematics and languages, the curriculum includes life skills, art, music, information technology and physical education.

Grade 0 is a happy, fun-filled year and its friendly, safe, and nurturing environment encourages and enables children to express and explore their thoughts and ideas.

Grade 1

In Grade 1 the girls embark on the thrilling journey of learning to read and write. Every girl is encouraged to learn at her own pace with the support and guidance of the teachers and a learning facilitator. The emphasis is on discovery and creativity. Reggio-based enquiry generates discussion and informs several activities. The girls consolidate concepts through playing games, participating in group work, and completing class tasks and homework.

Grade 2

The curriculum in Grade 2 is extensive. Practical work continues to be a priority in Mathematics, and we focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing and developing good comprehension skills in English.

The girls thoroughly enjoy the introduction of project-based work, which allows them to negotiate, co-construct knowledge and experience the challenges of collaboration. They begin to develop greater independence and a sense of responsibility.

The instrumental programme gives all the girls in Grade 2 the opportunity to learn the violin, cello or guitar in a small group setting. This set-up rotates termly to give the girls exposure to each of the stringed instruments.

Grade 3

Grade 3 is the final year of the Foundation Phase. The girls assume more of a leadership role and they participate in inter-school competitions for the first time.

They are also entrusted with more classroom duties to ensure that their school day runs smoothly.

Homework is assigned weekly to empower the girls to organise and structure their time effectively.