• The St Mary’s Old Girls’ Association (alumni) will offer a bursary and internship to a recipient to study for a post-graduate teaching diploma
  • The bursary will cover the costs of tuition for one year of post-graduate study at a recognised tertiary institution
  • The choice of field of study and the institution will be determined through consultation between the chairperson of the Old Girls’ Association, a committee and the recipient
  • The Old Girls’ Association will give preference to girls who attended St Mary’s Senior School, and who are deemed to be of a suitable calibre
  • The recipient will be required to present her results for each semester to the chairperson of the Old Girls’ Association. If these results do not meet the standard required, the bursary may be withheld or cancelled
  • The recipient of the bursary will be expected to intern as a student teacher at St Mary’s School
  • The recpient will be required to conduct herself in a manner that is in keeping with the ethos and academic standards of the school
  • Once qualified, the recipient will have to teach within the Republic of South Africa for a duration equal to that of the bursary period. If the recipient does not meet this requirement, the recipient will be obligated to reimburse the Old Girls’ Association the full amount of the bursary

Old Girls’ Teaching Bursary recipients: Kendra Smith, Tinhiko Nkuna, Olivia King, Kayleigh Nielson, Emily Dingle