Water Polo: Goals for good

As water polo players at St Mary’s, we are extremely fortunate to have the very best facilities, coaching and opportunities to play the game we love. This means that we find ourselves in a position of privilege which enables us to give back to our greater community. St Mary’s has been associated with the Learn to Swim programme with HA Jack Primary School for a number of years. This aims to teach children about water safety and runs throughout the first term. At the end of the programme, the swimmers take part in the Old Mutual Swimathon which is great fun for everyone involved. Learning to swim is a challenging task, especially without the assistance of the necessary swimming equipment.

The objective of the Goals for Good programme is to raise funds which will go towards kickboards, pool noodles, swimming goggles and other necessities. The water polo parents have been asked to pledge R5 each for every goal scored by their daughters’ teams during the forthcoming season. Since water polo is a high scoring game, this should raise enough money to make a difference by the beginning of the 2020 Learn to Swim programme in January.

Nicola Watt
Form IV