Stage productions of Afrikaans setworks

Matric girls with the actors Divan, Augusta and Ronaldo from Pit Productions 2019

On Thursday 6 June, the matric girls watched a performance of this year’s Afrikaans setwork novel, Hoopvol, as well as various poems studied throughout the year. The Pit Productions team brought the words alive with creativity and humour, and most of us left the auditorium still giggling at the actors’ brilliant characterisation and storytelling.

Their adaptation of the novel was original and it was wonderful to see the action unfolding in front of us. The energy with which they approached both the retelling of the novel and the performance of the poetry was impressive and immersed each member of the audience in the show. As learning is so often confined merely to the classroom, we forget that there are other ways in which to engage with written texts.

Pit Productions allowed us to understand Afrikaans literature in a more intuitive, creative manner, one that we will undoubtedly carry into the future.

Angelique Florias
Form V