St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival

Ferdi the ribbon rhino
Horned rhino
De-horned rhino

As many of you are aware, since 2013, the hockey festival has used “saving the rhino” as its social awareness campaign. Over the years, we have used various methods of raising this money. Each team that plays makes a contribution and Investec has always made significant contributions. In 2018 and 2019, St Mary’s ran a highly successful raffle. Up to the end of 2018, the total amount raised by the festival was R446 620. I was determined that this year we had to push past the half-million mark. Investec came on board with a fantastic challenge: it would match whatever was raised by the festival up to a value of R150 000. The festival, taking into account the raffle, all donations and the Grade 7 face-painting efforts, made R184 312, which Investec has now agreed to match, giving us a 2019 total of R368 624. Since 2013 our grand total now sits at R815 244 – leaving us no option but to push past the one-million mark at the 21st St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival in 2020.

Please click the link to see a powerful partnership video of Investec and St Mary’s teaming up for the rhino:

Director of sport