Rhythmic gymnastics

The 2019 South African Rhythmic Gymnastics Games took place in Durban from 23 to 29 September. The Fred Crookes Sports Centre, at the Durban University of Technology, was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour. Beautiful leotards, twirling clubs, serpentine ropes and ribbons, and iridescent hoops and balls filled the arena.

St Mary’s is the only school in South Africa to offer rhythmic gymnastics as an official sport. The Senior School has five gymnasts who all excelled in the competition. Level 10 gymnasts Romy Len and Jessica Shames achieved their best scores of the season. Reece Williams was awarded a bronze medal for her Level 5 ribbon routine. Lesedi Mochela claimed gold medals for her polished Level 6 free dance and ball routines. Lebone Tshetlo achieved a third-place overall podium finish when she collected a Level 9 gold medal for ball and a bronze medal for hoop. Well done to all the girls who have proven that hard work, dedication and St Mary’s resilience are a winning combination.

These amazing achievements are owing to the exacting tutelage of international coaches, Natalia Paizakis and Batbagana Buyantsogt. Special thanks are extended to Linda Giuricich who has been the driving force behind rhythmic gymnastics at St Mary’s. Her vision has resulted in the St Mary’s Invitational, which takes place in May, becoming a sought-after competition to attend in the build-up to provincial and national selection.

Belinda Williams