News 2015

Inter-high diving and swimming

The inter-high diving was held on Tuesday 3 March at Parktown High School for Girls. Our girls were superb and dived with calm composure and poise.

Special congratulations to two of our U15 competitors who came 1st and 2nd respectively. In the U16 division, despite a back injury, our top U16 diver managed a 3rd place. In the Open division, fighting off some tough competition we managed to win the event. Our captain was in excellent form and earned 4th place. These outstanding results saw us retain the inter-high diving trophy:

St Mary’s 109

Kingsmead 82

Pretoria 77 

St Andrew’s 67

Parktown 59 

Brescia 58

Roedean 56

St Stithians 55

St Teresa’s 35

St Dominic’s 20

These points were then halved and added to the swimming scores at the Premier gala to determine who wins the overall trophy.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny and remained so for the entire day. Just as well as for the first time in history, owing to a concert at Ellis Park and the precinct being out-of-bounds from 06h00 on Saturday 7 March, both the Premier and A- inter-high galas had to take place on one day.

The U15 medley relay team are congratulated on breaking the record. Another highlight of the day was our victory in the Open freestyle relay where all girls swam 28s and earned a comfortable win.

Inter-high Premier gala results 2015

St Stithians A 309

St Andrew’s A 296

St Mary’s A 269

Holy Rosary A 189

St Dominic’s 144

Brescia 136

Roedean 126

Kingsmead 80

Unfortunately despite winning the diving section, we still ended in 3rd place.

St Stithians A 336,5

St Andrew’s A 329,5

St Mary’s A 323,5

Holy Rosary A 189

Brescia 165

St Dominic’s 154

Roedean 154

Kingsmead 121

Our B team swam superbly in the A inter-high gala during the afternoon and earned a convincing victory. The depth of our school swimmers is evident by the fact that the only other schools to have B teams swimming at inter-high were St Andrew’s and Holy Rosary and they came 6th and 9th respectively.

St Mary’s B 337

St Teresa’s 302

Parktown 252

Assumption Convent 248

St Catherine’s 239

St Andrew’s B 167

Jeppe 150

Potch Girls’ 130

Holy Rosary B 107

On Friday afternoon our junior school swam at the junior Prestige galas and St Mary’s won the A, B and C galas!

Well done to all our swimmers and divers!